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Basic Electrical Technology Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur

Basic Electrical Technology Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur
Welcome to this course on Basic Electrical Technology. Engineering students of almost all disciplines has to undergo this course (name may be slightly different in different course curriculum) as a core subject in the first semester. It is needless to mention that how much we are dependent on electricity in our day to day life. A reasonable understanding on the basics of applied electricity is therefore important for every engineer. Apart from learning d.c and a.c circuit analysis both under steady state and transient conditions, you will learn basic working principles and analysis of transformer, d.c motors and induction motor. Finally working principles of some popular and useful indicating measuring instruments are presented. The course can be broadly divided into 3 major parts, namely: Electrical circuits, ElectricalMachines and Measuring instruments. The course is spread over 10 modules covering these 3- parts, each module having two or more lessons under it as detailed below.
Currently we are in this lesson which deals with the organization of the course material
in the form of modules and lessons. This lesson highlights conventional methods of generating 3-phase, 50 Hz electrical power, its transmission and distribution with the help of transmission lines and
substations. It will give you a feel of a modern power system with names and function of different major components which comprise it. This module consists of seven lessons (2.1-2.7) starting with the fundamental concepts of electric circuit (active and passive) elements, circuit laws and theorems that established the basicfoundation to solve dc network problems or to analyze the voltage, current and power (delivered or absorbed) in different branches. At the end of each lesson a set of problem is provided to test the readers understanding. Answers to these problems are located therein. The contents of each lesson are described below.
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