Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design By Jane I. Lataille, P.E.

Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design  By Jane  I.  Lataille,  P.E. 
Chapter 1: What Is Fire Protection Engineering? 
Chapter 2: Functions of Fire Protection  Systems 
Chapter 3: Performance-Based Fire Protection Design 
Chapter 4: Prescriptive Fire Protection Design 
Chapter 5: Interfacing With the Other Disciplines 
Chapter 6: Fire Protection for New and Existing Buildings 
Chapter 7: Writing Fire Protection  Specifications 
Fire  protection  is  an  integral  part  of building  design  and must  be integrated into the overall design process  from the very beginning of the project.  It  is  vitally  important  for  everyone  involved  in  the  building  design  process~architects;  structural,  mechanical,  and  process  en-gineers;  interior  designers,  and  other  design professionals~to  be aware  of  the  fire  protection  engineering  issues  that  need  to  be  considered at each step in the process.  In this  book,  Jane  Lataille,  a well  known  fire protection  engineer  with over 27 years  of experience  in the  field,  explains  in an easy- to-understand,  straightforward  fashion,  what  fire protection  engineering  involves  and  what  issues  need  to  be  considered  in  integrating fire protection into the overall building design process.  This  book  provides  excellent  guidance  to  the  non-fire  protection  engineer  on the  coordination  necessary  during the  design process  to  make  sure  that  the  fire  protection  design  provides  a  level  of  safety acceptable  to building  owners, insurers,  and code enforcers  that does not impose unnecessary constraints  on the overall building design or operation. 
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