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Fluid Mechanics Fourth Edition By Pijush K. Kundu and Ira M. Cohen

Fluid Mechanics Fourth Edition By Pijush K. Kundu and Ira M. Cohen
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Cartesian Tensors
Chapter 3 Kinematics
Chapter 4 Conservation Laws
Chapter 5 Vorticity Dynamics
Chapter 6 Irrotational Flow
Chapter 7 Gravity Waves
Chapter 8 Dynamic Similarity
Chapter 9 Laminar Flow
Chapter 10 Boundary Layers and Related Topics
Chapter 11 Computational Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 12 Instability
Chapter 13 Turbulence
Chapter 14 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 15 Aerodynamics
Chapter 16 Compressible Flow
Chapter 17 Introduction to Biofluid Mechanics
Fluid mechanics has a vast scope and touches every aspect of our lives. Just look at the contents of the 39 volumes of the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics (1969–2007)  book. This Fourth Edition continues to evolve due to the kindness of readers and users who write to me suggesting corrections. Specifically, Roger Berlind of Columbia University is responsible for the revisions to the Thermal Wind subsection of Chapter 14. Howard Hu has revised, streamlined, and updated his chapter on Com putational Fluid Dynamics, and P. S. Ayyaswamy has contributed a new chapter (17) on Introduction to Biofluid Mechanics. It is an excellently written contribution and unique in that its level is appropriate for this book. It is between the advanced treatises and overly simplified treatments available elsewhere. I have tried to update much of the remaining material, particularly on turbulence, where so many new papers appear each year. Reference to the collection of the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films, now available for viewing via the Internet, is made in a new
Appendix D. These films may be old but remain an excellent resource for visualization of flows. On a more personal note, the bladder cancer (transitional cell carcinoma) diag nosed in the Fall of 2003, and attacked by a sequence of surgeries and a regimen of chemotherapy, was never completely killed and grew back to visibility in the Fall of 2006. The minimum visible spot on MRI can contain 70,000 TCC. A new and harsher regimen of chemotherapy was prescribed through the Spring of 2007, during the period when the updates were prepared. The irony of the fact that all the chemical poisons infused into my veins are fluids is not lost on me. Because of the fatigue, I accomplished less than I had hoped. Since radiologists cannot distinguish viable living TCC from those that have been killed and remain in place, the only means of discerning living cancer is to image again and see if there is new growth. The imagein early June confirmed the message that my body had already sent me: the  cancer was growing back and causing pain. Radiation was tried for a while to shrink the painful tumor but that was unsuccessful. In late July a new regimen of chemotherapy began, to last perhaps through the end of the year and beyond. The initial response was positive and, although I have come to realize that my condition is incurable, I was ever hopeful. After three infusions, however, the toxic effects of the chemotherapy were more destructive than the aggressiveness of the cancer. I was left with no lung capacity, no muscle strength, and was very ill and weak when page proofs came back for checking. I remain so at the time of this writing. I appreciate all the help provided by Ms. Susan Waddington in the preparation of the final stages of this manuscript. I am very grateful to my family, friends, and colleagues for their support through out this ordeal.
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