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Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces and Kilns Written by Michael porter

Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces and Kilns Written by Michael porter
Table of Contents
1. Safety
2. The Burner System and I t s Fuel
3. Buildingthe 112-inch Burner
4. Buildingthe 314-inch Burner
5. A Propane Bottle Gas Fired Forge
6. Building a Forge Cart
7. inch Furnace Burner
8. 1 114-inch Furnace and Kiln Burner
9. Foundry Furnaces
10. Farrier's Forge
11.Multi-hole Glass Furnace
12. Brazing
With the information contained in this book you can now construct a portable forge with its own burner, for about one hundred dollars, capable of bringing heavy bar stock to welding heat in less than ten minutes from a cold start.You can also build another burner no larger than your hand that
can braze, and a third burner the size of your hammer powerful enough to run iron-smelting furnaces. These burners do not use added oxygen or fan motors. Only hand tools are necessary for the fabrication of the burners and the forges, furnaces,and kilns. Construction plans for the forges, furnaces, and burners in this book are laid out in step by step detail with drawings explaining the steps of con struction. There are also alternate choices to make your work as convenient as possible. Drawings, photographs, and a list of sources are also provided. The burners are designed for construction from readily available plumbing parts with the most exotic component being a contact tip that can be purchased at any welding supply store. The forge bodies are made from containers,and they're insulated with materialsavailable from pottery suppliers or by mail order.
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