Thursday, April 26, 2018

High-Performance Motion Control of Mechatronic Systems by Takashi Yamaguchi Mitsuo Hirata Chee Khiang Pang

High-Performance Motion Control of Mechatronic Systems by Takashi Yamaguchi Mitsuo Hirata Chee Khiang Pang
1 Introduction to High-Performance Motion Control of Mechatronic Systems
2 Fast Motion Control Using TDOF Control Structure and Op timal Feedforward Input
3 Transient Control Using Initial Value Compensation
4 Precise Positioning Control in Sampled-Data Systems
5 Dual-Stage Systems and Control
6 Concluding Remarks from Editors
Mechatronic systems the synergetic integration of mechanical, electrical, computational, and control systems have pervaded consumer products rang ing from large-scale braking systems in vehicular agents to small-scale inte grated sensors in portable mobile phones. To boost sales and increase revenue in competitive consumer electronics industries, continuous improvements in servo evaluation and position control of mechatronic systems are essential. The subject of this book is advanced control topics for mechatronic applica tions, and in particular, control systems design for ultra-fast and ultra-precise positioning of mechanical actuators in mechatronic systems.
Currently, most precise mechatronic systems, e.g., scanner carriage assem bly in facsimiles, photocopy machines, and flatbed scanners, etc., read/write head-positioning in Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), or X-Y tables for steppers used in semiconductor or liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, etc., consist of a (i) high speed point-to-point movement motion mode, (ii) transient mo
tion mode for settling to a target, and (iii) tracking motion mode to remain on desired position. During operations, vibration of the mechanical actua tors (excited during acceleration, deceleration, and jerk) remains a significant problem. As such, generation of the desired reference trajectory as well as the corresponding servo control design for transient and steady-state responses
are important. In this book, we propose several state-of-art advanced control techniques
to tackle these issues for each the above-mentioned modes of operation based on our latest research activities. This book allows readers to understand the entire process of how to translate control theories and algorithms from a funda mental theoretical viewpoint to actual design and implementation in realistic engineering systems. With the required positioning accuracy in current mecha tronic systems in the order of Armstrong levels (< 1 × 10−9 m), readers will also be able to understand what kind of advanced control techniques would provide solutions for the next generation of high-performance mechatronics.
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