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Low Voltage Wiring: Security/Fire Alarm Systems By Terry Kennedy and John E. Traister

Low Voltage Wiring: Security/Fire Alarm Systems By Terry Kennedy and John E. Traister
Part 1 The Security Systems Business
Chapter 1. A Business Built on Contracts
Chapter 2. Estimating the Installation of Security Systems
Chapter 3. Managing a Security Systems Business
Chapter 4. Profit Centers: Service, Maintenance, and Ancillary Cash Flow
Part 2 The Field
Chapter 5. Basic Security System Considerations
Chapter 6. Basic Installation Techniques
Chapter 7. Residential Security Systems
Chapter 8. Commercial and Industrial Security Systems
Chapter 9. Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Security Systems
Part 3 A Deeper Understanding
Chapter 10. Electrical Circuits
Chapter 11. The Code
Chapter 12. Print Reading
In general, an alarm system is used to protect life and property. Therefore, any company or person who owns something of value has a valid interest in security and fire-alarm systems. Security and fire-alarm systems are designed for every application imagin able for structures as small as homes and roadside produce stands; large hotels and factories; security alarms for guarding automobiles; large national defense installations—the list is very long. And this book is designed to review
the various security systems currently available to help the reader select the most appropriate system for the job. This new edition adds a first part that surveys the business of security sys tems and computer information for the professional. It also includes a nutsand-bolts survey of how to start or grow a business, and how to work in other areas of the low-voltage systems industry.
It then covers installation methods, techniques, and requirements to comply with the 1999 National Electrical Code. Part 3, A Deeper Understanding,reviews electrical circuits, the code, and print  reading in depth. The new edition also features a twenty-first-century Reference Section that guides the reader into a listing of references for information to be found on the Internet. To move fully into the new millenium, we have included a compact disk. The checklists in the reference section can be accessed simply and quickly from your own computer. The abundance of solid information makes this book invaluable to anyone involved with security and fire-alarm systems.
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