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MECHATRONICS SYSTEM,SENSORS, AND ACTUATORS Fundamentals and Modeling By Robert H.Bishop

MECHATRONICS SYSTEM,SENSORS, AND ACTUATORS Fundamentals and Modeling By Robert H.Bishop
According to the original definition of mechatronics proposed by the Yasakawa Electric Company and the definitions that have appeared since, many of the engineering products designed and manufactured in the last 30 years integrating mechanical and electrical systems can be classified as mechatronic systems. Yet many of the engineers and researchers responsible for those products were never formally trained in mechatronics per se. The Mechatronics Handbook, 2nd Edition can serve as a reference resource for those very same design engineers to help connect their everyday experience in design with the vibrant field of mechatronics. The Handbook of Mechatronics was originally a single-volume reference book offering a thorough coverage of the field of mechatronics. With the need to present new material covering the rapid changes in technology, especially in the area of computers and software, the single-volume reference book quickly became unwieldy. There is too much material to cover in a single book. The topical coverage in the Mechatronics Handbook, 2nd Edition is presented here in two books covering Mechatronic Systems, Sensors, and Actuators: Fundamentals and Modeling and Mechatronic System Control, Logic, and Data Acquisition. These two books are intended for use in research and development departments in academia, government, and industry, and as a reference source in university libraries. They can also be used as a resource for
scholars interested in understanding and explaining the engineering design process. As the historical divisions between the various branches of engineering and computer science become less clearly defined, we may well find that the mechatronics specialty provides a roadmap for nontraditional engineering students studying within the traditional structure of most engineering colleges. It i evident that there is an expansion of mechatronics laboratories and classes in the university environment worldwide. This fact is reflected in the list of contributors to these books, including an international group of academicians and engineers representing 13 countries. It is hoped that the books comprising the Mechatronics Handbook, 2nd Edition can serve the world community as the definitive reference source in mechatronics.
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