Thursday, April 19, 2018

Power Electronics and Motor Drives Advances and Trends By Bimal K. Bose

Power Electronics and Motor Drives Advances and Trends By Bimal K. Bose
Chapter 1 Introduction and Perspective
Chapter 2 Power Semiconductor Devices
Chapter 3 Phase-Controlled Converters and Cycloconverters
Chapter 4 Voltage-Fed Converters and PWM Techniques
Chapter 5 Current-Fed Converters
Chapter 6 Electrical Machines for Variable-Speed Drives
Chapter 7 Induction Motor Drives
Chapter 8 Synchronous Motor Drives
Chapter 9 Computer Simulation and Digital Control
Chapter 10 Fuzzy Logic and Applications
Chapter 11 Neural Network and Applications
Chapter 12 Some Questions and Answers
I am presenting this novel book on advances and trends in power electronics and motor drives to the professional community with the expectation that it will be given the same wide and enthusiastic acceptance by practicing engineers, R&D professionals, university professors, and even graduate students that my other books in this area have. Unlike the traditional books available in the area of power electronics, this book has a unique presentation format that makes it convenient for group presentations that use Microsoft’s PowerPoint software. In fact, a disk is included that has a PowerPoint file on it that is ready for presentation with the core figures. Presentations can also be organized using just selected portions of the book. As you know, power electronics and motor drive technology is very complex and multidisciplinary, and it has gone through a dynamic evolution in recent years. Power electronics engineers and researchers are having a lot of difficulty keeping pace with the rapid advancements in this technology. This book can be looked on as a text for a refresher or continuing education course for those who need a quick review of recent technological advancements. Of course, for completeness of the subject, the core technology is described in each chapter. A special feature of the book is that many examples of recent industrial applications have been included to make the subject interesting. Another novel feature is that a separate chapter has been devoted to the discussion of typical questions and answers. During the last 40+ years of my career in the industrial and academic environment, I have accumulated vast amounts of experience in the area of power electronics and motor drives. Besides my books, technical publications, and U.S. patents, I have given tutorials, invited presentations, and keynote addresses in different countries around the world at many IEEE as well as non-IEEE conferences. A mission in my life has been to promote power electronics globally. I hope that I have been at least partially successful. I pursued the advancement of power electronics technology aggressively from its beginning and have tried to present my knowledge and experience in the whole subject for the benefit of the professional community. However, the book should not be considered as a first or second course in power electronics. The reader should have a good background in the subject to assimilate the content of the book. Each page contains one or more figures or a bulleted chart with explanations given below it—just like a tutorial presentation. The bulk of the figures are taken from my personal presentation materials from tutorials, invited seminars, and class notes. A considerable amount of material is also taken from my other publications, including the published books.
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