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Safety Management Near Miss Identification, Recognition, and Investigation by Ron C. McKinnon, CSP

 Safety Management Near Miss Identification, Recognition, and Investigation by Ron C. McKinnon, CSP
Chapter 1 Introduction.
Chapter 2 The.Safety.Philosophy.behind.Near.Miss.Incidents.
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Near.Miss.Incidents,.Myths.and.Safety.Paradigms.
Chapter 6 Safety.and.Health.Policies.
Chapter 7 Near.Miss.Incident.Risk.Management.and.Assessment..
Chapter 8 Safety.Auditing.
Chapter 9 Near.Miss.Incident.and.Accident.Recall....
Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Implementing.a.Near.Miss.Incident.System:.Introduction
Chapter 12 Implementing.a.Near.Miss.Incident.Reporting. System Implementaion.
Chapter 13 Implementing.a.Near.Miss.Incident.Reporting.System:.Follow.Up Introduction.
Chapter 14 Investigating.High.Potential.Near.Miss.Incidents.
Chapter 15 Summary.
Near.miss.incidents,.close.calls,“safety. in.the.shadows,” other.losses..If.recognized,.reported,.and.rectified,.near.miss.incident.root.causes.
For. many. organizations,. the. term. near miss. is. not. only. misunderstood,. but. it. is. miss incident. turing,.construction,,.which,.by.a.stroke. of.luck,,.property,.or.material..These. Reporting. and. rectifying. the. causes. of. near.miss.incidents. has. many. benefits..,,.indicate.that.near.misses.occur.more.,.the.
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