Friday, April 6, 2018

The Centrifugal Pump

The Centrifugal Pump
Chapter 1. Introduction to Centrifugal Pumps
Chapter 2. Performance curves
Chapter 3. Pumps operating in systems
Chapter 4. Pump theory
Chapter 5. Pump losses
Chapter 6. Pumps tests
In the Department of Structural and Fluid Mechanics we are happy to present the first English edition of the book: ’The Centrifugal Pump’. We have written the book because we want to share our knowledge of pump hydraulics, pump design and the basic pump terms which we use in our daily work.’The Centrifugal Pump’ is primarily meant as an internal book and is aimed at technicians who work with development and construction of pump components.Furthermore, the book aims at our future colleagues,students at universities and engineering colleges, who can use the book as a reference and source of inspiration in their studies. Our intention has been to write an introductory book that gives an overview of the hydraulic components in the pump and at the same time enables technicians to see how changes in construction and operation influence the pump performance.In chapter 1, we introduce the principle of the centrifugal pump as well as its hydraulic components, and we list the different types of pumps produced by Grundfos.Chapter 2 describes how to read and understand the pump performance based on the curves for head, power, efficiency and NPSH.In chapter 3 you can read about how to adjust the pump’s performance when it is in operation in a system.The theoretical basis for energy conversion in a centrifugal pump is introduced in chapter 4, and we go through how affinity rules are used for scaling the performance of pump impellers. In chapter 5, we describe the different types of losses which occur in the pump, and how the losses affect flow, head and power consumption. In the book’s last chapter, chapter 6, we go trough the test types which Grundfos continuously carries out on both assembled pumps and pump components to ensure that the pump has the desired performance.The entire department has been involved in the devel opment of the book. Through a longer period of time we have discussed the idea, the contents and the structure and collected source material. The framework of the Danish book was made after some intensive working days at ‘Himmelbjerget’. The result of the department’s engagement and effort through several years is the book which you are holding.We hope that you will find ‘The Centrifugal Pump’ use ful, and that you will use it as a book of reference in you ful, and that you will use it as a book of reference in you daily work.
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