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Thermal Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation 2012 By Paul M. Kurowski

Thermal Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation 2012 By Paul M. Kurowski
Topics covered
 Heat transfer by conduction
 Heat transfer by convection
 Different ways of presenting results of thermal analysis
 Convergence analysis in thermal problems
 Solid elements in heat transfer problems
 Shell elements in heat transfer problems
Project description
We’ll conduct thermal analysis of simple models to study the effects of discretization error and the use of different types of elements. In this chapter we use our expertise in structural analysis gained from “Engineering Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation 2012”. We use HOLLOW PLATE TH, similar to the model from this introductory textbook where it is used in structural analysis examples. Open model HOLLOW PLATE TH and review the two configurations: 01 solid where the model is represented as a solid body and 02 shell where the model is represented as a surface body. Stay in the 01 solid configuration and create a thermal study called 01 solid. Apply the prescribed temperature boundary conditions as shown in Figure 2-1; these prescribed temperatures will induce heat flow from hot to cold.Figure 2-1: Prescribed temperatures boundary conditions applied to the cold side. No convection is defined anywhere in the model meaning that all faces are insulated except where temperature boundary conditions are defined. Repeat the definition of the prescribed temperature on the hot side where it is 400K. Mesh the model with a coarse mesh as shown in Figure 2-2.
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