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A Practical Approach to Motor Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance by Allan Bonnick Derek Newbold

A Practical Approach to Motor Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance by Allan Bonnick Derek Newbold
1 Vehicle layouts and some simple vehicle structures
2 Engine principles
3 The main moving parts of an engine
4 Multi-cylinder engines
5 Firing orders and engine balance
6 Crankshaft, camshaft, and valve operating mechanisms
7 A petrol fuel system
8 Motor fuels
9 Carburettors
10 Petrol injection e introduction
11 Air supply and exhaust systems
12 Lubricants and engine lubrication
13 Cooling systems
14 Internal combustion engines
15 The compression ignition engine e diesel engine
16 Diesel fuel systems
17 Engine fault diagnosis
18 Transmission
19 Electronically controlled automatic transmission
20 Suspension systems
21 Braking systems
In this third edition some of the older technology has been removed and modern technology to include Leve 3 topics has been included. Much emphasis has been placed on fault diagnosis because it is such an importan part of a modern automotive technician’s work. The careful consideration of fault diagnosis that is undertaken in a range of examples in this edition shows how a methodical approach to fault diagnosis, based on good knowledge of automotive systems, can lead to
success. As an example, the ECU may report the fault code P0301 that tells us that there is a misfire in number 1 cylinder. The misfire may be caused by one or more factors, including: Ignition problem, defective spark plug, defective HT cables, defective direct ignition coil, etc. Poor compression, badly seating valve, leaking gasket, worn or broken piston rings. Incorrect mixture in that cylinder, air leak, defective petrol injector. It is clear that good ignition in a single cylinder is dependent on many factors, which must be taken into account when considering what action to take. Faults in some of these other areas may also be recorded in faul codes, but others will not. To locate causes of faults in these other areas may require use of specialist equipment and reference to manuals and circuit diagrams e these factors are covered in detail in several of the examples in this book. The methodical six-step approach is high lighted as a sound basis for successful fault diagnosis.
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