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AutoCAD MEP 2016 for Designers by Sham Tickoo

AutoCAD MEP 2016 for Designers by Sham Tickoo
Chapter 1: Introduction to AutoCAD MEP
Chapter 2: Getting Started with AutoCAD MEP
Chapter 3: Working with Architecture Workspace
Chapter 4: Creating an HVAC System
Chapter 5: Creating Piping Systems
Chapter 6: Creating Plumbing System
Chapter 7: Creating Electrical System Layout
Chapter 8: Representation and Schedules
Chapter 9: Working with Schematics
AutoCAD MEP, also known as AMEP, is based on the AutoCAD Architecture platform. Here, MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. The software has all the required features for creating a Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing system. It includes all the features of the AutoCAD platform such as Blocks, Layers, 3D Models, and so on. It also includes architectural features such as walls, doors, windows, and so on. In AMEP, you can add objects with actual parameters to the project. These objects are available in various categories of AutoCAD MEP library and can be customized according to the requirements of the users. AutoCAD MEP 2016 for Designers textbook is written with the intention of helping the readers effectively use the designing and drafting tools of AutoCAD MEP 2016. This textbook provides a simple and clear explanation of tools that are commonly used in AutoCAD MEP 2016. After reading this textbook, you will be able to design HVAC system, piping system, plumbing system, and electrical layout of a building. The chapter on schematics will enable the users generate the schematic drawings of a system for easy representation. The examples and tutorials used in this textbook ensure that the users can relate the knowledge from this textbook with the actual industry designs. Since AutoCAD MEP is based on AutoCAD platform, a user must have basic knowledge of AutoCAD. In this textbook, the basic tools of AutoCAD are not explained while explaining the working of MEP tools assuming that the user knows AutoCAD basics.
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