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Bearing Steel Technology By John M. Beswick

Bearing Steel Technology By John M. Beswick
Overview :
This ASTM International Special Technical Publication represents the work of numerous
rolling bearing experts who presented papers at the 6th International Symposium on
Bearing Steels, held in Phoenix, 8-10 May, 2001. The almost traditional five-yearly cycle for the ASTM International bearing steel symposia resulted in the Phoenix location being selected for the
 third time inassociation with the ASTM International A1 committee week and the A1.28 subcommittee for beating steel meetings. The remit for the subcommittee A1.28 on bearing steels is to have jurisdiction over the standards for steels commonly used for ball and roller bearings.
This subcommittee is responsible for preparing, reviewing and maintaining these standards and
 assuring that they reflect current technology. Currently the A1.28 subcommittee is faced
 with many challenges, not the least of which is to keep the ASTM International
specifications aligned with steel making processes changes. In addition, vindicationof
 the current specifications in light of the economic pressure within the industry is an in
creasing requirement. It is generally recognized that many of the steel quality assessment
 methods and related specification limits, used within the industry, were developed for steel
making methods, either obsolete or inappropriate to current methods or product functional requirements. Resistance to change is always present and product liability considerations,
 together with the related risk of litigation, place a high burden material, on engineers
 responsible for major specification changes. However the preparation and application
 of state-of-the-art, ASTM International bearing steel as sessment methods and related
 acceptance limits (specifications)provides a professional forum for the introduction of
 progressive changes. Cross border joint-ventures or mergers are becoming increasingly
common, within the rolling bearing industry, which adds to the requirement for up to date,
 state of the art bearing steel specifications. The rolling beating industry is truly global
and bearing steels and rolling bearings are manufac tured, and, or assembled in all
industrialized countries. Some of the largest bearing steel producers have manufacturing
facilities in more than one country and all of the largest rolling bearing producers have manufacturingplants located world-wide.


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