Saturday, May 12, 2018

Compressed Air Operations Manual By Brian S. Elliott

Compressed Air Operations Manual By Brian S. Elliott
Chapter 1. The History of Compressed Air
Chapter 2. Compressed Air Applications
Chapter 3. Compressor Types
Chapter 4. The Conservation of Mass and Energy as Applied to Compressed Air
Chapter 5. The Compressed Air Supply
Chapter 6. Compressed Air Dryers
Chapter 7. Support Components
Chapter 8. Pneumatic Controls
Chapter 9. Electrical Controls
Chapter 10. Maintenance
Chapter 11. Energy and Costs Associated with Compressed Air
Chapter 12. System Models
Chapter 13. Specifying a Compression System
Chapter 14. Conducting an Air Audit
Chapter 15. Single-Stage Home-Built Air Compressor
The purpose of this book is to provide a basic understanding of the com pressed air systems, equipment, and technologies that are available on the market today. You might have many years of experience with a specific compression system, but the catalogs and sales literature just aren’t providing you with the information you need. Maybe you’ve just been assigned the compression system as part of your responsibilities and you have no experience whatsoever with this type of equipment. Oftentimes, the compressors are the bastard child of a company’s capital equipment and no one in particular is responsible for them. If you head up the company’s maintenance department, the compressors probably fall under your responsibilities. You may be a salesman who works with pneumatic-powered equipment and, from time to time, are asked to comment on your customer’s compression systems. In any case, this book will give you the baseline information that will allow you to make well-informed decisions about specifying, expanding, or assessing a compression system. Like many technical people, I felt that I had a clear conceptual under standing of air compression, I mean, what’s to know? You suck in some air, you smash it into a tank. Simple! I even built an air compressor from an old auto AC pump and a piece of pipe when I was in high school. In the early days of my career whenever I had to deal with air com.


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