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Electrical Power Systems Technology Third Edition By Stephen W. Fardo and Dale R. Patrick

Electrical Power Systems Technology Third Edition By Stephen W. Fardo and Dale R. Patrick
Chapter 1 Power Measurement Fundamentals
Chapter 2 Power System Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Power Measurement Equipment 
Chapter 4 Modern Power Systems
Chapter 5 Alternative Power Systems
Chapter 6 Alternating Current Power Systems
Chapter 7 Direct Current Power Systems
Chapter 8 Power Distribution Fundamentals
Chapter 9 Power Distribution Equipment
Chapter 10 Single-Phase and Three-Phase Distribution Systems
Chapter 11 Fundamentals of Electrical Loads
Chapter 12 Heating Systems 
Chapter 13 Lighting Systems 
Chapter 14 Mechanical Systems
Chapter 15 Power Control Devices
Chapter 16 Operational Power Control Systems 
Chapter 17 Control Devices 
Electrical Power Systems Technology (Third Edition) provides a broad overview of the production, distribution, control, conversion, and measurement of electrical power. The presentation method used in this book will allow the reader to develop an understanding of electrical power systems. The units of the book are organized in a systematic manner, beginning with electrical power production methods. The fundamentals of each major unit of the book are discussed at the beginning of the unit. These fundamentals provide a framework for the information that follows in each unit. The last unit has been expanded to include control devices. This book deals with many important aspects of electrical power, not just with one or two areas. In this way, it will give the reader a better understanding of the total electrical power system—from the production of electricity to its conversion to other forms of energy. Each unit deals with a specific system, such as production, distribution, control, conversion, or measurement. Each system is broken down into subsystems. The subsystems are then explored in greater detail in the chapters that make up each unit.


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