Friday, May 25, 2018

Engineering Dynamics By JERRY GINSBERG

Engineering Dynamics By JERRY GINSBERG 
1 Basic Considerations 
2 Particle Kinematics
3 Relative Motion
4 Kinematics of Constrained Rigid Bodies
5 Inertial Effects for a Rigid Body
6 Newton–Euler Equations of Motion
7 Introduction to Analytical Mechanics
8 Constrained Generalized Coordinates
9 Alternative Formulations
10 Gyroscopic Effects
It has been more than a decade since the second edition of Advanced Engineering Dynamics was published. Although I was pleased with that effort, my experience teaching dynamics with that book as a companion has given me insights that I either did not have or did not fully appreciate. I tried to satisfy multiple objectives as I wrote the present book. I wished to convey both physical and analytical understanding of the fundamental principles, and to expose the beauty of the discipline as a tightly woven sequence of concepts. I wanted to address the complexities of real-world engineering problems and explore the implications of dynamics for other subjects, but to do so in a manner that is accessible to those who come to it from a wide range of experiences. I wanted to provide a self-contained resource from which the motivated reader could learn directly. At first, I thought this book would just be a third edition of Advanced Engineering Dynamics, but as I progressed, I realized that the expanded scope and the amount of material that is either new or redone necessitated treating it as a new work.


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