Saturday, May 19, 2018

Excel 2010 THE MISSING MANUAL BY Matthew MacDonald

Excel 2010 THE MISSING MANUAL BY Matthew MacDonald
Chapter 1: Creating Your First Spreadshee
Chapter 2: Adding Information to Worksheets
Chapter 3: Moving Data
Chapter 4: Managing Worksheets
Chapter 5: Formatting Cells
Chapter 6: Smart Formatting Tricks
Chapter 7: Viewing and Printing Worksheets. 
Chapter 8: Building Basic Formulas
Chapter 9: Math and Statistical Functions
Chapter 10: Financial Functions 
Chapter 11: Manipulating Dates, Times, and Text
Chapter 12: Lookup, Reference, and Information Functions
Chapter 13: Advanced Formula Writing and Troubleshooting
Chapter 14: Tables: List Management Made Easy
Chapter 15: Grouping and Outlining Data .
Chapter 16: Templates
Chapter 17: Creating Basic Charts
Chapter 18: Formatting and Perfecting Charts
Chapter 19: Inserting Graphics.
Chapter 20: Visualizing Your Data
Chapter 21: Scenarios and Goal Seeking
Chapter 22: Pivot Tables 
Chapter 23: Analyzing Databases, XML, and Web Pages
Chapter 24: Protecting Your Workbooks
Chapter 25: Worksheet Collaboration 
Chapter 26: Using Excel on the Web 
Chapter 27: Exchanging Data with Other Programs
Chapter 28: Automating Tasks with Macros.
Chapter 29: Programming Spreadsheets with VBA
Most people don’t need much convincing to use Excel, Microsoft’s premier spreadsheet software. Its overwhelming popularity, especially in the busi- ness world, makes it the obvious choice for millions of number crunchers. But despite its wide use, few people know where to find Excel’s most impressive features or why they’d want to use them in the first place. Excel 2010: The Missing
Manual fills that void, explaining everything from basic Excel concepts to the fancy tricks of the trade. This book not only teaches you how Excel works, but also shows you how to use Excel’s tools to answer real-world questions like “How many workdays are there be tween today and my vacation?”, “How much money do I need in the bank right now to retire a millionaire?”, and “Statistically speaking, who’s smarter—Democrats or Republicans?” Best of all, you’ll steer clear of obscure options that aren’t worth the trouble to learn, while homing in on the hidden gems that will win you the undying adoration of your coworkers, your family, and your friends—or at least your accountant.


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