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Introduction to AutoCAD® 2016 2D and 3D Design By Bernd S. Palm and Alf Yarwood

Introduction to AutoCAD® 2016 2D and 3D Design By Bernd S. Palm and Alf Yarwood
1. Introducing AutoCAD 2016
2. Calling Tools
3. Introducing Drawing
4. Draw Tools and Object Snap
5. Zoom, Pan and Templates
6. The Modify Tools
7. Dimensions and Text
8. Orthographic and Isometric
9. Hatching
10. Blocks and Inserts
11. Other Types of File Format
12. Sheet Sets
13. Introducing 3D Modeling
14. 3D Models in Viewports
15. The Modification of 3D Models
16. Rendering
17. Building Drawing
18. Three-Dimensional Space
19. Editing 3D Solid Models
20. Other Features of 3D Modeling
21. Internet Tools and Help
22. Design and AutoCAD 2016
Opening AutoCAD 2016:
AutoCAD 2016 is designed to work in a Windows operating system. In general, to open AutoCAD 2016 double-click on the AutoCAD shortcut in the Windows desktop (Fig. 1.1). Fig. 1.1 The AutoCAD 2016 shortcut on the Windows desktop When working in education or in industry, computers may be configured to allow other methods of opening AutoCAD, such as a list appearing on the computer in use when the computer is switched on, from which the operator can select the program he/she wishes to use. When AutoCAD 2016 is opened, the Start page appears, giving access to recent drawings, system information and the Start Drawing button (Fig. 1.2). After starting a new drawing a new window is shown, depending upon whether a 3D Basics, a 3D Modeling, or a Drafting & Annotation workspace has been set as QNEW (in the Options dialog). In this example, the Drafting & Annotation workspace is shown and includes the Ribbon with Tool panels (Fig. 1.3). The Drafting & Annotation workspace shows the following details: Ribbon: which includes tabs, each of which when clicked will include a set of panels containing tool icons. Other tool panels can be seen by clicking an appropriate tab.



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