Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Plumbing For Level 2 Technical Certificate and NVQ 2nd Edition By Steve Muscroft

Plumbing For Level 2 Technical Certificate and NVQ 2nd Edition By Steve Muscroft\
Unit 1 Welcome to Plumbing
Unit 2 Health and Safety
Unit 3 Common Plumbing Processes
Unit 4 Key Plumbing Principles
Unit 5 Cold Water Supply
Unit 6 Hot Water Supply
Unit 7 Above Ground Discharge Systems
Unit 8 Central Heating Systems
Unit 9 Electricity
Unit 10 Sheet Lead Work
Unit 11 Environmental Awareness
Unit 12 Effective Working Relationships
First, welcome to an exciting and rewarding career in plumbing.Plumbing is one of the oldest trades,  its first origins dating back tothe Roman times, from where the term plumber was derived from the term ‘Plumbum’ which is Latin for ‘worker of lead’. The industry has come a long way since then and whilst plumbers still need to be very skilful, there is an increasing requirement for in-depth technical knowledge as legislation and product technology becomes more complex.
This book is designed to support the knowledge and understanding required for the ‘technology’ content of the City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Basic Plumbing Studies.We will refer to this as the ‘Technical Certificate’ from now on to keep things simple. In addition to knowledge and understanding, the Technical Certificate has a practical element which you will cover at a City and Guilds accredited training centre or college. The Technical Certificate content also covers the job knowledge of the NVQ. To achieve an NVQ, you will need to have evidence of work experience and will be assessed on your competence to do plumbing work. Some of you will be doing a plumbing apprenticeship, in which case the Technical Certificate, NVQ and Key Skills (Application of Number and Communication) will all be relevant. We will explain much more about the qualifications as well as the other progression routes in more detail in Unit 1 ‘Welcome to Plumbing’.


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