Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Power Electronics and Variable Frequency Drives Technology and Applications By limal K. Bose

Power Electronics and Variable Frequency Drives Technology and Applications By limal K. Bose
Chapter 1 Power Semiconductor Devices for Variable Frequency Drives
Chapter 2 E'lctrla' Mlchlnl. for Drl'ls
Chapter 3 Power Electronic Converters for Drives
Chapter 4 Pulse Width Modulation for Electronic Power Converters
Chapter 5 Motion Control with Induction Motors
Chapter 6 Variable Frequency Permanent MagnetIe Machine Drives
Chapter 7 High 'owlrIndustrial Drlvl
Chapter 8 Simulation of Power Electronic and Motion Control Systems
Chapter 9 Estimation, Identification, and Sensorless Control ofAC Drives
Chapter 10 Microprocessors and DigltallCs forControl of Power Electronics and Drives 
Chapter 11 Expert System, Fuzzy Logic, and Neural letworks in Power Electronics and Drives 
It is with pride and a sense of accomplishment that I am presenting this book to the power electronics community of the world. Unlike my previous books, this one can be considered unique. As you know, power electronics and variable frequency drives are fast-growing multidisciplinary fields in electrical engineering, and it is practically impossible for one individual specialist to write a book covering the entire area. Therefore, I have identified the key specialists in the field and invited them to con tribute a chapter in their respective areas of expertise. In fact, the chapters in this book are modified and expanded versions of papers contributed to the special issue of the Proceedings ofthe IEEE published in August ]994. We are indeed proud to be members of the power electronics profession. I myself have seen this field grow inch by inch like a gigantic tree, with the evolution from thyristors to transistors to DC drives to microprocessors to advanced converters to AC drives to sensorless control and estimation to AI-based control and more. In my own lifetime, I am proud to have seen modern power electronics technology take root, grow into a blossomed tree, and receive wide acceptance in the market place. In the twenty-first century, we will watch with greater pride the large impact of power electronics on industrial automation, transportation, utility systems, energy conservation, and environmental pollution control in a broader perspective. We are on the verge of completing 100 years in the evolution of power electronics, which originally started as industrial electronics. We wish it had been born another hundred years ago so that we could experience its full maturity and applications.


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