Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning By EE IIT, Kharagpur, India

 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning By EE IIT, Kharagpur, India
Lesson 1 History Of Refrigeration
Lesson 2 History Of Refrigeration - Development Of Refrigerants And Compressors
Lesson 3 Applications Of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Lesson 4 Review of fundamental principles - Thermodynamics : Part I
Lesson 5 Review of fundamental principles - Thermodynamics : Part II 
Lesson 6 Review of fundamentals: Fluid flow
Lesson 7 Review of fundamentals: Heat and Mass transfer
Lesson 8 Methods of producing Low Temperatures
Lesson 9 Air cycle refrigeration systems 
Lesson 10 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems
Lesson 11 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems: Performance Aspects And Cycle 
Lesson 12 Multi-Stage Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems
Lesson 13 Multi-Evaporator And Cascade Systems
Lesson 14 Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems [
Refrigeration may be defined as the process of achieving and maintaining a temperature below that of the surroundings, the aim being to cool some product or space to the required temperature. One of the most important applications of refrigeration has been the preservation of perishable food products by storing them at low temperatures. Refrigeration systems are also used extensively for providing thermal comfort to human beings by means of air conditioning. Air Conditioning refers to the treatment of air so as to simultaneously control its temperature, moisture content, cleanliness, odour and circulation, as required by occupants, a process, or products in the space. The subject of refrigeration and air conditioning has evolved out of human need for food and comfort, and its history dates back to centuries. The history of refrigeration is very interesting since every aspect of it, the availability of refrigerants, the prime movers and the developments in compressors and the methods of refrigeration all are a part of it. The French scientist Roger ThÝvenot has written an excellent book on the history of refrigeration throughout the world.


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