Friday, June 22, 2018

Pump Characteristics and Applications By Michael Volk Second Edition

Pump Characteristics and Applications Second Edition
Contents :
1 Introduction to Pumps
2 Hydraulics, Selection, and Curves
3 Special Hydraulic Considerations
4 Centrifugal Pump Types and Applications
5 Sealing Systems and Sealless Pumps
6 Energy Conservation and Life-Cycle Costs
7 Special Pump-Related Topics
8 Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
Preface :
This book is a practical introduction to the characteristics and applications of pumps, with a primary focus on centrifugal pumps. Pumps are among the oldest machines still in use and, after electric motors, are probably the most widely used machines today in commercial and industrial activities. Despite the broad use of pumps, this subject is covered only briefly in many engineering curricula. Furthermore, companies which use pumps are often unable to provide their engineers, operators, mechanics, and supervisors the kind of training in pump application, selection, and operation that this vital equipment merits. The purpose of this book is to give engineers and technicians a general understanding of pumps, and to provide the tools to allow them to properly select, size, operate, and main tain pumps. There are numerous books on the market aout pumps, but most of them are very, very technical, and are mainly design oriented, or else are directed to a specific niche market. I have attempted to provide practical information on pumps and systems to readers with with all levels of experience, without getting so immersed in design details as to overwhelm the reader. This book begins with the basics of pump and system hydraulics, working gradually to more complex concepts. The topics are covered in a clear and concise manner, and are accompanied by examples along the way. Anyone reading the material, regardless of education and experience with pumps, will be able to achieve a better understanding of pump characteristics and applications.


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