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Contents :
1. Basic Concepts
2. D.C. Circuits
3. D.C. Network Theorems
4. Units Work, Power and Energy
5. Electrostatics
6. Capacitance and Capacitors
7. Magnetism and Electromagnetism
8. Magnetic Circuits
9. Electromagnetic Induction
10. Chemical Effects of Electric Current
11. A.C. Fundamentals
12. Series A.C. Circuits
13. Phasor Algebra
14. Parallel A.C. Circuits
15. Polyphase Circuits
16. Electrical Instruments and Electrical Measurements
17. A.C. Network Analysis
Preface :
The general response to the Fifth Edition of the book was very encouraging. Authors feel that their work has been amply rewarded and wish to express their deep sense of gratitude to the large number of readers who have used it and in particular to those of them who have sent helpful sugges tions from time to time for the improvement of the book. The popularity of the book is judged from the fact that authors frequently receive feedback from many quarters including teachers, students and serving engineers. This feedback helps the authors to make the book up-to-date. In the present edition, many new topics/numericals/illustrations have been added to make the book more useful. Authors lay no claim to the original research in preparing the book. Liberal use of materials available in the works of eminent authors has been made. What they may claim, in all modesty, is that they have tried to fashion the vast amount of material available from primary and secondary sources into coherent body of description and analysis. The authors wish to thank their colleagues and friends who have contributed many valuable suggestions regarding the scope and content sequence of the book. Authors are also indebted to S. Chand & Company Ltd., New Delhi for bringing out this revised edition in a short time and pricing the book moderately inspite of heavy cost of paper and printing. Errors might have crept in despite utmost care to avoid them. Authors shall be grateful if these are pointed out along with other suggestions for the improvement of the book.
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