Monday, June 11, 2018

Construction Process Planning and Management An Owner’s Guide to Successful Projects By Sidney M. Levy

Construction Process Planning and Management An Owner’s Guide to Successful Projects By Sidney M. Levy
Chapter 1 The genesis of a construction project
Chapter 2 Selecting and working with an architect
Chapter 3 The architectural, engineering, and contracting industries
Chapter 4 Construction contracts pros and cons 
Chapter 5 Preparing the bid documents
Chapter 6 The construction contract
Chapter 7 Organizing for the construction process
Chapter 8 Change orders
Chapter 9 Green and sustainable buildings
Chapter 10 Disputes and claims
Chapter 11 Basic construction components
Traversing the design and construction process, even for an experienced hand, is sometimes daunting. When dealing with unfamiliar terminology and professionals in the field of architecture, engineering, and construction, project owners may need some guidance along the way and, at times, wish they had a relative in the building business to provide them with some helpful tips. That is the purpose of this book: to offer project owners who are new to the design and construction process some firsthand experience from someone who has been in this business for 40 years, and, for owners who have been involved with many projects, perhaps shed some new light on problems they may have encountered previously and wish to avoid in the future. Of fundamental importance in this process is the establishment of a good working relationship with the architect’s team and the contractor. In the heat of a stressful moment during either design or construction, these strong relationships will prevail, resulting in a reasonable approach to a reasonable solution. Being able to view that difficult situation from the perspective of others is another trait that takes on added importance when hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars are at stake


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