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Electric Power Distribution Handbook SECOND EDITION By T. A. Short

Electric Power Distribution Handbook SECOND EDITION By T. A. Short
1 Fundamentals of Distribution Systems
2 Overhead Lines
3 Overhead Line Performance
4 Underground Distribution
5 Transformers
6 Voltage Regulation
7 Capacitor Application
8 Faults
9 Short-Circuit Protection
10 Reliability
11 Voltage Sags and Momentary Interruptions
12 Other Power Quality Issues
13 Lightning Protection
14 Grounding and Safety
15 Distributed Generation
In industrialized countries, distribution systems deliver electricity literally every where, taking power generated at many locations and delivering it to end users. Generation, transmission, and distribution—of these three big components of the electricity infrastructure, the distribution system gets the least attention. Yet, it is often the most critical component in terms of its effect on reliability and quality of service, cost of electricity, and aesthetic (mainly visual) impacts on society. Like much of the electric utility industry, several political, economic, and technical changes are pressuring the way distribution systems are built and operated. Deregulation has increased pressures on electric power utilities to cut costs and has focused emphasis on reliability and quality of electric service. The great fear of deregulation is that service will suffer because of cost cutting. Regulators and utility consumers are paying considerable attention to reliability and quality. Another change that is brewing is the introduction of distributed generation on the distribution system. Generators at the distribution level can cause problems (and have benefits if properly applied). New loads such as plug-in vehicles may be on the horizon. Customers are pressing for lower costs, better reliability, and lesser visual impacts from utility distribution systems.



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