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Electrical Installation Designs Fourth Edition By Bill Atkinson and Roger Lovegrove

Electrical Installation Designs Fourth Edition By Bill Atkinson and Roger Lovegrove

1 Introduction
2 Three Bedroom House
3 A Block of Retirement Flatlets
4 Overcurrent Protection
5 An Architect’s Office
6 A High Street Shop
7 Earthing and Bonding
8 Car Service Workshop
9 Circuits
10 Farming and Horticulture
11 Isolation and Switching
12 A Village Sports Centre
13 An Indoor Swimming Pool
14 Cables and Wiring Systems
15 Inspection, Testing and Certification
There are many books on electrical installation practice where the focus is on calculations and regulations. Electrical Installation Designs has been written from a different viewpoint. Typical projects are examined to produce designs that will fit current standards. Most electrical contractors have an understanding of requirements related to their own regular everyday activities, where work is carried out using rule-of-thumb methods. Repetitive designs are used. Many installers claim that they are not designers and show concern that they are now required to certify the adequacy of an installation design. In practice, problems only arise when an unusual project is undertaken or there is a change in regulations.

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