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Engine Testing Theory and Practice Third edition By A.J. Martyr and M.A. Plint

Engine Testing Theory and Practice Third edition By A.J. Martyr and M.A. Plint
1 Test facility specification, system integration and project organization
2 The test cell as a thermodynamic system
3 Vibration and noise
4 Test cell and control room design: an overall view
5 Ventilation and air conditioning
6 Test cell cooling water and exhaust gas systems
7 Fuel and oil storage, supply and treatment
8 Dynamometers and the measurement of torque
9 Coupling the engine to the dynamometer
10 Electrical design considerations
11 Test cell control and data acquisition
12 Measurement of fuel, combustion air and oil consumption
13 Thermal efficiency, measurement of heat and mechanical losses
14 The combustion process and combustion analysis
15 The test department organization, health and safety management, risk assessment correlation of results and design of experiments
16 Exhaust emissions
17 Tribology, fuel and lubrication testing
18 Chassis or rolling road dynamometers
19 Data collection, handling, post-test processing, engine calibration and mapping
20 The pursuit and definition of accuracy: statistical analysis of test results
The preface of this book is probably the least read section of all; however, it is the only part in which I can pay tribute to my friend and co-author of the first two editions, Dr Michael Plint, who died suddenly in November 1998, only four days after the publication of the second edition


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