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FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS A Primer By S. M. Musa and A. V. Kulkarni

FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS A Primer By S. M. Musa and A. V. Kulkarni
Chapter 1: Mathematical Preliminaries
Chapter 2: Introduction to Finite Element Method
Chapter 3: Finite Element Analysis of Axially Loaded Members
Chapter 4: Finite Element Analysis Trusses
Chapter 5: Finite Element Analysis of Beams
Chapter 6: Stress Analysis of a Rectangular Plate with a Circular Hole
Chapter 7: Thermal Analysis
Chapter 8: Fluid Flow Analysis
Chapter 9: Dynamic Analysis
Chapter 10: Engineering Electromagnetics Analysis
Today, the finite element method (FEM) has become a common tool for solving engineering problems in industries for the obvious reasons of its versatility and affordability. To expose an undergraduate student in engineering to this powerful method, most of the universities have included this subject in the undergraduate curriculum. This book contains materials applied to mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and physics. It is written primarily for students and educators as a simple introduction to the practice of FEM analysis in engineering and physics. This book contains many 1D and 2D problems solved by the analytical method, by FEM using hand calculations, and by using ANSYS 11 academic teaching software and COMSOL. Results of all the methods have been compared. This book compromises 10 chapters and 3 appendices.
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