Saturday, June 9, 2018

PrinciPles of SOLAR ENGINEERING By D. Yogi Goswami

 PrinciPles of SOLAR ENGINEERING By D. Yogi Goswami 
1. Introduction to Solar Energy Conversion
2. Fundamentals of Solar Radiation
3. Solar Thermal Collectors
4. Thermal Energy Storage and Transport
5. Solar Heating Systems
6. Solar Cooling and Dehumidification
7. Passive Solar Heating, Cooling, and Daylighting
8. Solar Thermal Power .
9. Photovoltaics
10. Solar Photochemical Applications
Almost 15 years have passed since the last edition of Principles of Solar Engineering was published. During this period, the price of photovoltaic (PV) panels has dropped 10 times and global deployment has increased 30 times. Of course, some of this development has occurred because of governmental incentives and economies of scale; however, a large part of the advancement has been attributed to scientific and technological developments that have improved not only conversion efficiencies but also manufacturing technologies. There have been many improvements in solar thermal technologies as well. A number of concentrating solar thermal power plants (CSPs), as largeas 400 MW, have been built or are under construction or under planning stages. Developments in higher-temperature CSPs are leading to a number of other advances, especially higher-temperature heat transfer fluids and thermodynamic power cycles. Since solar power is becoming a significant part of the grid power, energy storage has assumed increased importance. As the commercial deployment of solar technologies increases, it necessitates the need for better solar resource assessment, including modeling and forecasting. All of these developments have necessitated a new edition of the book, which is thoroughly revised and updated.


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