Thursday, July 5, 2018

Essential Electronics Series Introduction to Electric Circuits By Eur Ing R G Poweli

Essential  Electronics  Series  Introduction  to  Electric  Circuits  By Eur Ing R  G  Poweli  
Chapter 1  Units and dimensions 
Chapter 2  Electric circuit elements 
Chapter 3  DC  circuit analysis 
Chapter 4  Single-phase  a.c. circuits 
Chapter 5  Three-phase a.c. circuits 
Chapter 6  Resonance 
Chapter 7  Nodal and mesh analysis 
Chapter 8  Transient analysis 
Chapter 9  Two-port networks 
Chapter 10  Duals  and analogues 
This  book  covers  the  material  normally  found  in  first  and  second  year  syllabuses  on  the  topic  of electric  circuits.  It is intended  for  use  by degree  and  diploma  students  in electrical  and  electronic  engineering  and  in the  associated  areas of integrated,  manufacturing  and mechanical  engineering.  The  two  most  important  areas  of  study  for  all  electrical  and  electronic  engineering  students  are  those  of  circuit  theory  and  electromagnetic  field  theory.  These  lay  the  foundation  for  the  understanding  of  the  rest  of  the  subjects  which  make  up  a  coherent  course  and  they  are  intimately  related.  Texts on one  of them invariably and inevitably have references  to the other.  In  Chapter 2 of this book the ingredients of electric circuits are introduced and the  circuit  elements  having  properties  called  capacitance  and  inductance  are  associated  with  electric  and  magnetic  fields  respectively.  Faraday's  law  is  important  in  the  concept  of  mutual  inductance  and  its  effects.  Reference  is  made, therefore,  to electromagnetic field theory on a need to know basis, some  formulae  being presented without proof. 


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