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AC Power Systems Handbook Third Edition By Jerry C. Whitaker

AC Power Systems Handbook Third Edition By Jerry C. Whitaker

Chapter 1 AC Power Systems
Chapter 2 Power-Generation Systems
Chapter 3 Power Factor
Chapter 4 Power Transformers
Chapter 5 Capacitors
Chapter 6 Semiconductors
Chapter 7 Rectifier and Filter Circuits
Chapter 8 Power Electronics
Chapter 9 Origins of AC Line Disturbances
Chapter 10 Power Disturbance Characterization
Chapter 11 Power System Protection Methods
Chapter 12 Motor-Generator Set
Chapter 13 Uninterruptible Power Systems
Chapter 14 Power Conditioning Devices 
Chapter 15 Transient-Suppression Devices
Chapter 16 Facility Wiring and Transient Protection
Chapter 17 Circuit-Level Transient Suppression
Chapter 18 Grounding Practices
Chapter 19 Grounding Tower Elements
Chapter 20 Facility Ground-System Design
Chapter 21 Standby Power Systems
Chapter 22 Designing for Fault-Tolerance
Chapter 23 The Efficient Use of Energy
Chapter 24 Safety and Protection Systems
Chapter 25 Reference Data and Tables
Chapter 26 Units Conversion Table
Disturbances on the ac power line are what headaches are made of. Outages, surges, sags, transients: they combine to create an environment that can damage or destroy sensitive load equipment. They can take your system down and leave you with a complicated and expensive repair job. Ensuring that the equipment at your facility receives clean ac power has always been important. But now, with computers integrated into a wide variety of electronic products, the question of ac power quality is more critical than ever. The computer-based systems prevalent today can garble or lose dat because of power-supply disturbances or interruptions. And if the operational problems are not enough, there is the usually difficult task of equipment troubleshooting and repair that follows a utility system
fault. This book examines the key elements of ac power use for commercial and industrial customers. The roots of ac power-system problems are identified, and effective solutions are detailed. The book follows a logical progression from generating ac energy to the protection of life and property. General topics include :
• Power-System Operation. Every electronic installation requires a steady supply of clean power to
function properly. The ac power line into a facility is, in fact, the lifeblood of any operation. It is also,
however, a frequent source of equipment malfunctions and component failures. This book details the
process of generating ac energy and distributing it to end-users. The causes of power-system distur
bances are detailed, and the characteristics of common fault conditions are outlined.
• Protecting Equipment Loads. Power quality is a moving target. Utility companies work hard to main
tain acceptable levels of performance. However, the wide variety of loads and unpredictable situations make this job difficult. Users cannot expect power suppliers to solve all their problems. Responsibility for protecting sensitive loads clearly rests with the end-user. Several chapters are devoted to this important topic. Power-system protection options are outlined, and their relative benefits discussed. Evaluating the many tradeoffs involved in protection system design requires a thorough knowledge of the operating principles.


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