Friday, August 10, 2018

Protective Relaying Principles and Applications Third Edition By J. Lewis Blackburn and Thomas J. Domin

Protective Relaying Principles and Applications Third Edition By J. Lewis Blackburn and Thomas J. Domin
Chapter 1 Introduction and General Philosophies
Chapter 2 Fundamental Units: Per Unit and Percent Values
Chapter 3 Phasors and Polarity
Chapter 4 Symmetrical Components: A Review
Chapter 5 Relay Input Sources
Chapter 6 Protection Fundamentals and Basic Design Principles
Chapter 7 System-Grounding Principles
Chapter 8 Generator Protection=Intertie Protection for Distributed Generation
Chapter 9 Transformer, Reactor, and Shunt Capacitor Protection
Chapter 10 Bus Protection
Chapter 11 Motor Protection
Chapter 12 Line Protection
Chapter 13 Pilot Protection
Chapter 14 Stability, Reclosing, Load Shedding, and Trip Circuit Design
Chapter 15 Microprocessor Applications and Substation Automation
The third edition of Protective Relaying incorporates information on new developments and topics in protective relaying that has emerged since the second edition was published. This time span represents a dynamic period that involved significant technological advances and revolutionary structural changes within the electric power industry. The format of this book remains similar to the previous editions and retains the full scope of fundamentals of protection that have been presented by Lewis Blackburn in a most elegant and understandable manner. I have taken on the task of updating and expanding Blackburn’s work with humility and honor.From a technical standpoint, significant advances in the development and application of digital processing devices in power system protection and control continue.


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