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Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Aging and Life Extension Techniques By Bella H. Chudnovsky

Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Aging and Life Extension Techniques By Bella H. Chudnovsky

Chapter 1 Plating of Electrical Equipment 
Chapter 2 Detrimental Processes and Aging of Plating
Chapter 3 Electrical Equipment in a Corrosive Environment
Chapter 4 Lubrication of Distribution Electrical Equipment
Chapter 5 Insulation, Coatings, and Adhesives in Transmission and Distribution Electrical Equipment
Chapter 6 Electrical Equipment Life Expectancy, Aging, and Failures
Every transmission and distribution apparatus is a complex engineering system of electrical and mechanical components made of various conductive and insulating materials. When in service, these systems are exposed to multiple environmental stresses (atmospheric corrosive gases, contaminants, high and low temperatures); mechanical stresses (vibrations, shocks, handling); electrical stresses and electrostatic discharges; and many other internal and external impacts. The effect of stresses is cumulative, leading to progressive damage and significant deterioration (aging) of the electrical systems. Continuous aging sooner or later results in the disruption or even the complete depletion of the ability of the electrical apparatus to function properly and safely.
A thorough analysis of the factors that accelerate aging and cause the failure of various materials in electrical apparatuses suggests multiple techniques for diminishing the impact of deteriorating factors, thus preventing a premature failure.
Various aging-mitigating procedures extending the life of the electrical equipment
have emerged and have become available. The author’s purpose is to help find proper
ways to slow down the aging of electrical apparatuses, improve their performance,
and extend the life of power transmission and distribution equipment.
This book is designed to serve as a reference manual for engineering, maintenance, and training personnel to aid in understanding the causes of equipment
deterioration. Under one cover, it makes available extensive information that is very
hard to obtain since it is scattered among many different sources such as manufacturers documentation, journal papers, conference proceedings, and general books on
plating, lubrication, insulation, and so on.
The information accumulated here is an important source of practical knowledge for different audiences, including electrical and maintenance engineers and
technical personnel responsible for the utilization, operation, and maintenance of
transmission and distribution electrical equipment at virtually every power plant and
industrial facility. College instructors and professors may use this source as supplemental material for teaching classes on electrical equipment maintenance concepts
and procedures. Industrial training personnel may use this book to develop manuals
on proper maintenance procedures and choice of materials. It teaches electric maintenance personnel to identify the signs of equipment aging and recommends various
techniques for the protection of electrical apparatus from deterioration and damage.
This book combines research and engineering material with practical maintenance recommendations given in layman’s terms, which makes it useful for audiences of various levels of education and experience. 


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