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Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials IV By Shuenn-Yih Chang

Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials IV By Shuenn-Yih Chang

Intervention construction techniques in monumental rammed earth architecture in
Spain through ministry archives (1980–2013)
L. García-Soriano, C. Mileto & F.V. López-Manzanares
New methods and development trend of modern Lingnan architectural creation
C. Chen
New concepts in modern Lingnan architecture creation
C. Chen
A study of the inheritance lineage of regional architectural culture in the modern architectural
creation of China
C. Chen, D. Xiao & J. Tao
Bridge engineering
The effects of moisture content fluctuation on a dynamic resilient modulus of compacted clay
D. Li & Z. Sun
Research on seismic response and fragility of lock-up device
Z. Tang, J. Liu, X. Xie, Y. Jin & Y. Wang
A study on the deterioration of hangers with corroded wires
X. Pan, X. Xie, X. Li & H. Zhu
A method of hanger tension identification of an arch bridge considering the effect of boundaries
T. Zhang, X. Xie & X. Li
Dynamic responses of an aluminium alloy footbridge under stochastic crowd loading
J. Zhong & X. Xie
Effects of lateral loading patterns on seismic responses of reinforced concrete bridge piers
S. Zhang & X. Wang
Dynamic analysis of a PC composite box girder bridge with corrugated steel webs
B. Shi & X. Kong
Building materials performance analysis
Mechanism analysis of different ageing road asphalt by RTFOT and IR methods
Y. Nie, J. Ding & D. Li
Prediction of chloride diffusivity of concrete with different coarse aggregates using
artificial neural network
L.J. Kong & X.Y. Chen
A mix design and strength analysis of basic magnesium sulphate cement concrete
X. Zeng, H. Yu & C. Wu
A strength developing law for an epoxy asphalt mixture for airport runways
J. Ling, E. Kong & H. Zhao
Following the great progress made in civil engineering and building materials, the 2014 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Building Materials (CEBM 2014) aimed at providing a forum for presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art development in Structural Engineering, Road & Bridge Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Architecture & Urban Planning, Transportation Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Engineering Management, Computational Mechanics, Construction Technology, Building Materials, Environmental Engineering, Computer Simulation & CAD/CAE. Emphasis was given to basic methodologies, scientific development and engineering applications. This conference is co-sponsored by Asia Civil Engineering Association, the International Association for Scientific and High Technology and International Science and Engineering Research Center. The purpose of CEBM 2014 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to exchange their research ideas and results in the areas of the conference. In addition, the participants of the
conference will have a chance to hear from renowned keynote speakers Prof. XIAO-YAN LI from University of Hong Kong. We would like to thank all the participants and the authors for their contributions. We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the production supervisor Janjaap Blom, Léon Bijnsdorp, Lukas Goosen, who enthus astically support the conference. In particular, we appreciate the full heart support of all the reviewers and staff members of the conference. We hope that CEBM 2014 will be successful and enjoyable to all participants and
look forward to seeing all of you next year at the CEBM 2015.
Various aging-mitigating procedures extending the life of the electrical equipment
have emerged and have become available. The author’s purpose is to help find proper
ways to slow down the aging of electrical apparatuses, improve their performance,
and extend the life of power transmission and distribution equipment.
This book is designed to serve as a reference manual for engineering, maintenance, and training personnel to aid in understanding the causes of equipment deterioration. Under one cover, it makes available extensive information that is very hard to obtain since it is scattered among many different sources such as manufacturers documentation, journal papers, conference proceedings, and general books on plating, lubrication, insulation, and so on. The information accumulated here is an important source of practical knowledge for different audiences, including electrical and maintenance engineers and technical personnel responsible for the utilization, operation, and maintenance of
transmission and distribution electrical equipment at virtually every power plant and
industrial facility. College instructors and professors may use this source as supplemental material for teaching classes on electrical equipment maintenance concepts and procedures. Industrial training personnel may use this book to develop manuals on proper maintenance procedures and choice of materials. It teaches electric maintenance personnel to identify the signs of equipment aging and recommends various techniques for the protection of electrical apparatus from deterioration and damage. This book combines research and engineering material with practical maintenance recommendations given in layman’s terms, which makes it useful for audiences of various levels of education and experience. 




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