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Uses of electrical capacitors

Electric capacitors The electric condenser is one of the most important electrical storage devices, as it is called the electrical capacitor. Most electrical devices contain capacitors that store the electrical energy within these devices to the time of need.

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 Capacitors are called capacitor in English. In terms of their ability to save electricity, which brings us to the concept of capacitor capacity through which the expression of the capacity of the condenser to save energy within it, and there are many uses of condensers in the M physics, and in this article will be addressed information on the uses of electric capacitors. The use of electrical capacitors There are many uses of electric capacitors, which is what they are in many electrical devices, the importance is not limited to the storage of electrical energy, but extends to many other uses, and the most important uses of electric capacitors include: Electrical capacitors in circuit boards on AC power supply filters. DC power is one of the most important uses of electrical capacitors. The presence of electrical capacitors in circuitry prevents the passage of continuous electrical current. This capacitor may be called a coupling, or the condenser may be a leakage capacitor. . Regulating voltages: Capacitors regulate the voltages in the circuitry by controlling the resulting power of the electrical system. This occurs as a result of changes in capacitor loads to compensate for the voltage imbalance and regenerate the capacitors in the circuit again. Improving the power factor: It is one of the most prominent uses of electric capacitors, where the presence of capacitors to improve the power factor in the circuits by reducing the proportion of energy consumption is not effective or wasted in electrical appliances, which is reflected on the ability of these devices to work better because of the reduction Wasted capacity to the lowest possible value. Principle of the work of the electric capacitor The principle of the work of the electric capacitor depends on the storage of electrical energy by generating an electric field inside the capacitor, which consists of two panels separated by an insulating material may be plastic or paper or air or from the solutions of electrical insulation, and with the passage of electricity accumulates shipments On both ends of the electric capacitor so that one side is positive and the other negative, which leads to the generation of voltage difference between the ends of the condenser, and when the capacitor reaches the maximum capacity of the maintenance of electric charges, it has reached the maximum storage capacity for the Astva Of this energy when it is needed.

Factors influencing capacitor capacity

There are three main factors that affect capacitor capacity directly. These factors are:
Surface area of ​​condensate panels (a):
The capacity of the capacitor is directly proportional to the surface area of ​​the panels. If the surface area of ​​the board increases, the capacitor capacity increases to accommodate the electrical charge, and vice versa.
Distance between panels (d):
The capacitance decreases when the distance between the panels increases and increases with less distance, ie, there is an inverse ratio between the amplitude of the capacitor and the distance between the panels.
Insulating medium (insulating material) ε:
The capacity of the capacitor varies with the insulating material between the panels. Air is the basic unit for comparing the insulation ability of other materials used in the condensate industry. There is a fixed insulation material called Epsilon ε.

Uses of condenser in electronic circuit

- The capacitor to filter AC signals prevents the passage of DC current in the circuit, where it acts as a coupling or bypass.
- The chemical capacitor for charging and discharging is used in the circuitry circuits that convert the variable current to a constant current.
- The large capacitor capacitor is used in the camera's flash circuitry, where it stores high electrical charges, and when discharged suddenly gives a brilliant white light to help capture the image.

- The variable capacitor is used in parallel with a file to select the stations (radio frequency) of the radio (a radio synthesis) or TV set, as shown in the following figure.
The capacitor connects with the resistance in the electronic circuit to obtain a variety of waveforms. In this case, the circuit is called a circuit of differentiation or integration circuit, as shown in the following forms.


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