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Electrical Discipline Specific Review for the FE EIT Exams Second Edition By Robert B. Angus, John E. Hajjar, Abdulrahmg

Electrical Discipline Specific Review for the FE EIT Exams Second Edition By Robert B. Angus, John E. Hajjar, Abdulrahmg

Preface of Electrical Discipline Specific Review for the FE EIT Exams

This book is one in a series intended for engineers and students who are taking a discipline-specific (DS) afternoon session of the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. The topics covered in the DS afternoon FE exams are completely different from the topics covered in the morning session of the FE exam. Since this book only covers one discipline-specific exam, it provides examlevel problems that are like those found on the afternoon half of the FE exam for the Electrical discipline.

This book is intended to be a quick review of the material unique to the afternoon session .of the Electrical engineering exam. The material presented covers the subjects most likely to be on the exam. This book is not a thorough treatment of the exam topics. Its objective is to prepare you with enough knowledge to pass.

As much as practical, this book uses the notation given in the Fundamentals of Engineering Supplied-Reference Handbook (NCEES Handbook). This book consolidates 180 practical review problems, covering all of the discipline-specific exam topics. All problems include full solutions. The problems in this book were developed by Robert B. Angus, PE, John E. Hajjar, Abdulrahman Yassine, and Jeffrey Moreland, following the format, style, subject breakdown, and guidelines that I provided.

In developing this book, the NCEES Handbook and the breakdown of problem types published by NCEES were my guide for problem types and scope of coverage. However, as with most standardized tests, there is no guarantee that any specific problem type will be encountered. It is expected that minor variations in problem content will occur from exam to exam.

As with all of PPI's books, the problems in this book are original and have been ethically derived. Although examinee feedback was used to determine its content, this book contains problems that are only like those that are on the exam. There are no actual exam problems in this book. This book was designed to complement my FE Review Manual, which you will also need to prepare for the FE exam. The FE Review Manual is PPI's most popular study guide for this exam for more than 25 years.

You cannot prepare adequately without your own copy of the NCEES Handbook. This document contains the data and formulas that you will need to solve both the general and the discipline-specific problems. A good way to become familiar with it is to look up the information, formulas, and data that you need while trying to work practice problems. Exam-prep books are always works in progress. By necessity, a book will change as the exam changes. Even when the exam format doesn't change for a while, new problems and improved explanations can always be added. I encourage you to provide comments via PPI's errata reporting page, wwwoppi2passocom/errata. You will find all verified errata there. I appreciate all feedback.


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