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Power Pivot and Power BI, The Excel Users Guide to DAX Power Query, Power BI and Power Pivot in Excel by Rob Collie and Avi Singh

Download Power Pivot and Power BI, The Excel Users Guide to DAX Power Query, Power BI and Power Pivot in Excel by Rob Collie and Avi Singh


A Revolution Built On YOU
Power Pivot and the Power BI Family: Making Sense of the Various Versions 
Loading Data Into Power Pivot
Intro to Calculated Columns 
Introduction to DAX Measures
The “Golden Rules” of DAX Measures
CALCULATE() – Your New Favorite Function
ALL() – The “Remove a Filter” Function
Thinking in Multiple Tables
“Intermission” – Taking Stock of Your New Powers
Disconnected Tables
Introducing the FILTER() Function, and Disconnected Tables Continued
Introduction to Time Intelligence
IF(), SWITCH(), BLANK(), and Other Conditional Fun
IF(), SWITCH(), BLANK(), and Other Conditional Fun


Fundamentally of course, this book is intended to train you on Power Pivot and Power BI. It captures the techniques we’ve learned from many years of teaching Power Pivot and its “cousin technologies” , as well as applying it extensively in our everyday work.

Unsurprisingly, then, the contents herein are very much instructional – a “how to” book if ever there was one.But we also want you to understand how to maximize the impact on your career. This isn’t just a better way to do PivotTables. It isn’t just a way to reduce manual effort. It’s not just a better formula engine. Even though Rob worked on the first version of Power Pivot while at Microsoft, he had no idea how impactful it would be until about two years after he left to form his own company.

 He had to experience it in the real world to see its full potential, and even then it took some time to overwhelm his skeptical nature (his Twitter profile now describes him as “skeptic turned High Priest.”) This is the rare technology that can (and will) fundamentally change the lives of millions of people – it has more in common with the invention of the PC than with the invention of, say, the VCR. The PC might be a particularly relevant example actually.

At a prestigious Seattle high school in the early 1970’s, Bill Gates and Paul Allen discovered a mutual love for programming, but there was no widespread demand for programmers at that point. Only when the first PC (the Altair) was introduced was there an opportunity to properly monetize
their skills. Short version: they founded Microsoft and became billionaires.

But zoom out and you’ll see much more. Thousands of people became millionaires at Microsoft alone (sadly, we both missed that boat by a few years). Further, without the Altair, there would have been no IBM PC, no Apple, no Mac, no Steve Jobs. No iPod, no iPhone, no Appstore. No Electronic Arts, no Myst. No World of Warcraft.

The number of people who became wealthy as a result of the PC absolutely dwarfs the number of people who had anything to do with inventing the PC itself! We think Power Pivot and Power BI offer the same potential wealth-generation effect to Excel users as the PC offered budding programmers like Gates and Allen: your innate skills remain the same but their value becomes many times greater. Before diving into the instructional stuff in Chapters 2 and beyond, Chapter 1 will summarize your exciting new role in the changing world.

Download Power Pivot and Power BI, The Excel Users Guide to DAX Power Query, Power BI and Power Pivot in Excel by Rob Collie and Avi Singh pdf Engineering Books


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