Tuesday, May 11, 2021

An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering by Jonathan Wickert and Kemper Lewis

 An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering by Jonathan Wickert and Kemper Lewis

Contents of An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering :

CHAPTER 1 The Mechanical Engineering Profession.
CHAPTER 2 Mechanical Design.
CHAPTER 3 Technical Problem-Solving and Communication Skills.
CHAPTER 4 Forces in Structures and Machines .
CHAPTER 5 Materials and Stresses 
CHAPTER 6 Fluids Engineering
CHAPTER 7 Thermal and Energy Systems
CHAPTER 8 Motion and Power Transmission 

Preface of An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

It would have been impossible to develop the four editions of this textbook without the contributions of many people and organizations, and at the outset, we would like to express our appreciation to them. Generous support was provided by the Marsha and Philip Dowd Faculty Fellowship, which encourages educational initiatives in engineering. Adriana Moscatelli, Jared Schneider, Katie Minardo, and Stacy Mitchell, who are now alumni of Carnegie Mellon University, helped to get this project off the ground by drafting many of the illustrations. The expert assistance provided by Ms. Jean Stiles in proofreading the textbook and preparing the Instructor’s Solutions Manual was indispensable. We very much appreciate the many contributions she made.

This textbook is also available online through Cengage Learning’s MindTap, a personalized learning program. Students who purchase the MindTap have access to the book’s multimedia-rich electronic Reader and are able to complete homework and assessment material online, on their desktops, laptops, or iPads. The new MindTap Mobile App makes it easy for students to study anywhere, anytime. Instructors who use a Learning Management System (such as Blackboard or Moodle) for tracking course content, assignments, and grading, can seamlessly access the MindTap suite of content and assessments for this course.
With MindTap, instructors can:
● Personalize the Learning Path to match the course syllabus by rearranging content or appending original material to the online content
● Connect a Learning Management System portal to the online course and Reader
● Highlight and annotate the digital textbook, then share their notes with students.

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