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  1. أتمنى توفير هذا الكتاب لأهميته الهندسية الكبيرة تطبيقيا ة اكاديميا
    و قد بحثت عن نسخة على الانترنت دون جدوى
    و جزاكم الله كل الخير

    Engineering: Mechanisms, Structures, Systems & Materials

    Robert Messler
    ISBN-13: 978-0071825160

  2. Respected Sir, really you are doing a great job, I appreciate your efforts. Sir I need an objective (MCQS) book related to Electrical Power Field, can you help me,
    I shall be very thankful to you,

    Your Sincerely;
    Muhammad Tayeb

  3. Thank you for this great job! May you avail me with the following books;

    1. Stroud K.A, (2002). Engineering Mathematics. 4th Edition. Macmillan
    2. Hancock D. J. (1982). Mathematics for Technicians Level 1. Granada. Technical Series
    3. Hancock D. J. (1982). Mathematics for Technicians Level 2. Granada. Technical Series
    4. Hancock D. J. (1982). Mathematics for Technicians Level 3. Granada. Technical Series



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