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Privacy Policy For MEP Café
The privacy policy we display on this page outlines the most important information that visitors are interested in knowing about the information we collect and use for development, as well as all related to the advertised party, cookies and cookies.

If you need further information or have any questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us
Log Files:
As with all other site servers, MEP Café uses the log file system, which includes a protocol containing Internet usage information (such as device address, browser type used, ISP, country of visitor, date and time, number of clicks and pages Enter it).
All of the information we collect, such as all sites, is strictly confidential by us, and we do not mean to snoop or spy on personal matters, but to analyze the content of the site and to know the most visited topics and improve the performance, quality and development of our site only without further infringements.
Cookies and Web Beacons:
MEP Café is a site that does not use cookies to store visitor information and preferences, but we use a special log that records specific and concise information about the pages visited by the user, thus determining what topics are most important to visitors and most preferred to develop and improve site topics based on their importance. For visitors.
And by mentioning the companies advertised on the sites, like others, these companies are looking at such data and statistics of our site to improve the quality of their ads in proportion to the visitors and interests and measure the effectiveness, and under the agreement between us and the advertiser is entitled to access and use of technical means, Cookies, and scripts such as JavaScript) for the purpose of developing and improving the quality of its advertisements, measuring the importance of the site, and measuring the effectiveness of the ads and visitors to it without any other goals that may harm visitors in one way or another of this information.
Based on the above, we emphasize the following:
1. Google Adsense is the company that advertises in our technical professionals, which is a third party in the privacy policy. Google Adsense uses cookies and other data to improve the quality of the advertisements and to measure their effectiveness on the site. , And software codes such as JavaScript) for quality improvement and ad effectiveness measurement.
2. Google AdSense uses the DART cookie to improve its advertising services based on certain visitor standards and standards, such as accessing and visiting the pages of this site and other sites.
3. Google AdSense gives visitors who do not wish to use DART cookies to cancel Google's use of this profile by visiting the following link:

Visitors can view and review Google's Privacy Policy through the following link:

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